Merce Cunningham Trust

Night Wandering 1964

DANCES Night Wandering (Nattvandrare)
LENGTH 18 minutes
DIRECTOR Arne Arnborn
PRODUCER Finnish Broadcasting Company
MUSIC Bewegungen, Quantitaten, Schalgfiguren, Bo Nilsson
DANCERS Carolyn Brown, Merce Cunningham
Paradoxically described by Walter Sorell as “a tender lullaby of love”, and by Richard Buckle as “cold and menacing, the courtship of the Macbeths”, "Night Wandering" is a duet reminiscent of snowy landscapes. Nicola Cernovitch designed the original costumes and lighting --fur tunics that Cunningham wore over trousers and Brown wore over tights. Continuing with the piece’s Nordic theme, the music by Bo Nilsson, was characterized by bursts of activity followed by moments of silence, evoking the feeling of traveling through the spacious, and seemingly endless Northern night.