Merce Cunningham Trust

Merce Cunningham & Company 1981

LENGTH 45 minutes
DIRECTOR Benoit Jacquot
PRODUCER INA in association with the CDF
DISTRIBUTOR Alexander Street Press
DANCERS Louise Burns, Ellen Cornfield, Merce Cunningham, Susan Emery, Lise Friedman, Alan Good, Neil Greenberg, Catherine Kerr, Chris Komar, Judy Lazaroff, Susan Quinn, Rob Remley, Robert Swinston, Megan Walker
Presented in English and French with English Subtitles, explores Cunningham's methods of choreography, including his use of chance methods through the use of the I Ching, his collaboration with John Cage, and his relationship with the dancers. Includes interviews and footage of rehearsals at the Cunningham Studio in Westbeth.