Merce Cunningham Trust

CRWDSPCR (2008) 2008

LENGTH 29 minutes
DIRECTOR Charles Atlas
DESIGNERS Mark Lancaster
PRODUCER Cunningham Dance Foundation
DISTRIBUTOR Electronic Arts Intermix, Alexander Street Press
MUSIC blues '99, John King
MUSICIANS John King, David Tudor
DANCERS Cédric Andrieux, Jonah Bokaer, Lisa Boudreau, Brandon Collwes, Emma Desjardins, Holley Farmer, Jennifer Goggans, Julie Cunningham, Rashaun Mitchell, Koji Mizuta, Marcie Munnerlyn, Daniel Squire, Andrea Weber
Greatly inspired by innovations in technology, Cunningham chose the title for "CRWDSPCR" because of the way in which “computer technology is changing our language, condensing words.” Continuing with the theme of frenzied short-cuts and abbreviations, the tone of the dance was one of nonstop, even frenetic activity, interrupted only by a long, slow solo, as if contrasting our old language with that of the new, technologically informed jargon. John King composed the music, "Blues 99", and performed it at the premiere on July 15, 1993 with John D. S. Adams and Takehisa Kosugi. Costumes were by Mark Lancaster: multicolored costumes which divided the dancers’ bodies into fourteen sections, vertically and horizontally. Lancaster’s décor was an aquamarine backcloth, and the lighting featured a dappled floor pattern.