Merce Cunningham Trust

Points in Space 1986

DANCES Points in Space
LENGTH 55 minutes
DIRECTOR Elliot Caplan and Merce Cunningham
DESIGNERS William Anastasi
Dove Bradshaw
PRODUCER Bob Lockyer (BBC-TV) and Cunningham Dance Foundation
DISTRIBUTOR Kultur International Film, Alexander Street Press
MUSIC Voiceless Essay, John Cage
DANCERS Helen Barrow, Merce Cunningham, Victoria Finlayson, Alan Good, Catherine Kerr, Chris Komar, David Kulick, Patricia Lent, Karen Radford, Rob Remley, Kristy Santimyer, Kevin Schroder, Megan Walker, Carol Teitelbaum, Susan Quinn
Features BBC documentary with interviews by Cunningham, Cage and members of the company, as well as scenes from rehearsals in New York and London. The second half features the finished dance, performed by Merce Cunningham and his company. Awards: Prague D'Or, Prague International Television Festival Finalist, American Film Festival.