Merce Cunningham Trust

Coast Zone 1982

DANCES Coast Zone
LENGTH 27 minutes
DIRECTOR Charles Atlas
DESIGNERS Charles Atlas
Mark Lancaster
PRODUCER Cunningham Dance Foundation
DISTRIBUTOR Electronic Arts Intermix, Alexander Street Press
MUSIC Beachcombers, Larry Austin
MUSICIANS John Cage, Martin Kalve, Takehisa Kosugi, David Tudor
DANCERS Helen Barrow, Louise Burns, Susan Emery, Lise Friedman, Alan Good, Neil Greenberg, Catherine Kerr, Judy Lazaroff, Joseph Lennon, Rob Remley, Robert Swinston, Susan Quinn
"Coast Zone" was created in collaboration with director, Charles Atlas. The film explores the use of deep-focus, contrasting background figures (often in motion) with those in the foreground (sometimes in extreme close-up). It was filmed in the vaulted wood-paneled Synod House of Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City where great spatial depth and camera mobility could enhance Cunningham's style of extended, energetic dance. First screenings at Dean Junior College in Franklin, MA, 7 April 1984; Merce Cunningham Studio, Westbeth in New York, NY, 16 April 1984.