Merce Cunningham Trust

Merce Cunningham, Jim Self, Robert Kovich, & Julie Roess-Smith in Squaregame, Photo by Herb Migdoll (1976)

Former company members Ellen Cornfield (MCDC 1974 - 1983) and Andrea Weber (MCDC 2004 - 2011) are teaching the first workshop of the 2016 Cunningham Fellowship Program with a reconstruction of various sections of Squaregame (1976). The two-week workshop will culminate in two studio showings on Friday, February 19. The first is at 3:00pm and the second is at 4:30pm. The 4:30pm showing will be live-streamed online here.

As its title suggests, this playful piece is much like a game. Squaregame was first performed on a surface resembling an athletic court, and its participants were invited to stop and watch one another, as if they were on the sidelines at a sporting event. A recurring theme in the dance was that of people hanging on to others and being carried or dragged along by them. This can be seen several times throughout the dance, as in when one of the male dancers lunged from side to side, doing a series of contractions, with a female dancer hanging on to his waist. The set design by Mark Lancaster consisted of a white floor cloth surrounded by bands of green Astroturf, and for the costumes, each dancer had an individual look: a mix of tops, tights, pants and skirts, mostly in a blue/grey/black palette.

To make a reservation, please email with the preferred time (3:00pm or 4:40pm) and number of seats to hold (up to two per guest).

Premiere Date: March 24, 1976 

Original Cast: Merce Cunningham, Karole Armitage, Karen Attix, Ellen Cornfield, Morgan Ensminger, Meg Harper, Susana Hayman-Chaffey, Catherine Kerr, Chris Komar, Robert Kovich, Raymond Kurshals, Charles Moulton, Julie Roess-Smith

Premiere Venue: Festival Theatre, Adelaide, Australia

More details on Squaregame can be found on the Squaregame Dance Capsule.