Merce Cunningham Trust

New York City Center Studios
130 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019
Friday, August 26, 2016
3:00pm & 4:30pm
Jamie Scott (MCDC 2009 - 2011) is reconstructing Inlets 2 with assistance from Jean Freebury (MCDC 1992 - 2003) as part of the Cunningham Fellowship Program. The two-week long workshop will culminate in two studio showings performed by a select group of dancers at the end of the month.
Jared Phillips, Lisa Boudreau, Frederic Gafner, and Cheryl Therrien in Inlets 2, Photo by Christiane Robin
"Inlets 2 is a variation of Inlets, made in 1977," Cunningham wrote. "The same gamut of sixty-four movements was subjected again to other chance operations, this time for seven dancers instead of six, to produce a different continuity." Both Inlets and Inlets 2 are commonly considered to evoke the climate and topography of the Pacific Northwest, where Cunningham was raised. Inlets 2 premiered in 1983 on the same bill as its companion piece, Roaratorio. The music is Cage's Inlets, in which players tip amplified conch shells, partially filled with water, to produce gurgling sounds. Mark Lancaster designed the costumes - leotards and tights in gray, blue, or brown, over which the women wear tulle skirts.

Premiere Date: October 26, 1983
Premiere Venue: Le Colisee, Roubaix, France
Music: John Cage - Inlets (1977)
Decor, Costumes, Lighting: Mark Lancaster
Original Cast: Louise Burns, Lise Friedman, Susan Quinn, Neil Greenberg, Robert Swinston, Rob Remley, Catherine Kerr, Helen Barrow, Susan Emery, Karen Radford, Alan Good, Chris Komar, Joseph Lennon, Megan Walker
For this workshop, there are two showings. The first is at 3:00pm and the second is at 4:30pm. To make a reservation, please email with the preferred showing time and number of seats to hold (max. 2 per guest). The 4:30pm showing will also be live-streamed here.