Merce Cunningham Trust

Ashley Chen and Derry Swan in Fabrications. Photo credit Tony Dougherty, 2003.

March 14, 2016

This month,  the Merce Cunningham Trust (MCT) conducts two workshops in the Baryshnikov Art Center’s John Cage and Merce Cunningham Studio, marking the first  MCT actitivies in the newly dedicated space.

Former Merce Cunningham dancer Andrea Weber’s project is Suite for Five (1957), in preparation for her staging of an Event at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis next year. Patricia Lent is restaging Fabrications (1987), a work for which Cunningham used chance processes inspired by the I Ching to establish pairings of sixty-four individual phrases. The dance unfolds in twenty sections and five scenes, each gradually creating more contact between the dancers.  Lent was part of the original cast for the dance, which remained in the repertory of MCDC until 1993. She has since restaged Fabrications for The Merce Cunningham Dance Company (2002) and  for CCN- Ballet de Lorraine (2011). The dancers are all veteran MCT workshop particpants.

The residencies are part of BAC Space, which provides generous allotments of time to create, rehearse or revive work. Following a  first showing  on March 18th, in the John Cage and Merce Cunningham Studio, there will be a second  showing March 31st at City Center to mark the end of the workshop process.

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